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Established in 2004, our factory has been dedicated to manufacturing accessories for world-renowned brands and emerging ergonomic products for clients across the globe. With our technical expertise, skilled manufacturing team, and well-established supply chain, we have consistently delivered exceptional market performance for our customers.
Leveraging our experience and resources, we have designed and developed a series of ergonomic products in recent years, including stands for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Our products are specifically designed to promote healthy posture while using electronic devices, addressing the widespread issue of neck and spinal health problems caused by prolonged bending and improper posture.
Our ergonomic stands are crafted using CNC technology and made from high-quality aluminum alloy and silicone materials, ensuring stability and durability.  Designed for convenience, our products are foldable and portable, available in both two-fold and three-fold elevation options.

As a testament to our commitment to innovation, many of our products feature original designs. And obtained several Chinese patents for ergonomics.and the exclusive right to apply for intellectual property rights in China,We also offer customization services, including logo printing and tailored packaging,  to meet our clients' unique branding needs.

Key Features of Our Ergonomic Products

Expertise: Over 17 years of experience in manufacturing accessories for world-renowned brands and emerging ergonomic products.

High-quality materials and CNC technology ensure the durability and stability of our products.

Foldable and portable designs cater to the needs of on-the-go users.​​​​​​​
Original designs with the option for logo printing and tailored packaging to meet clients' branding requirements.​​​​​​​
Designed to promote healthy posture and alleviate neck and spinal health issues caused by prolonged use of electronic devices.​​​​​​​


As a testament to our commitment to innovation, many of our products feature original designs. And obtained several Chinese patents for ergonomics.and the exclusive right to apply for intellectual property rights in China,We also offer customization services, including logo printing and tailored packaging, to meet our clients' unique branding needs. 

In addition, we are committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of our company and our customers, complying with laws and regulations, and operating in good faith. We strive to create a more honest and mutually supportive intellectual property business environment.
If you are interested in learning more about our products or exploring opportunities for cooperation, please feel free to contact us.







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