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After-sales Service Questions

1. Pre-sales Service:

1. Product Consultation: Our professional team provides you with detailed product information, including the functions, features, and application scenarios of mobile phone, laptop, and monitor stands, helping you understand our products.
2. Customization Requirements: For customers with special needs, we offer personalized customization services, including size, color, and material customization, to meet your unique requirements.
3. Quotation and Solution: Based on your needs, we will provide you with a reasonable quotation and the best product solution, ensuring you get the highest cost-effective products.

2. In-sales Service:

1. Order Processing: We will process your order quickly and accurately, ensuring timely product delivery.
2. Installation Guidance: We provide detailed product installation guidance, helping you easily complete the installation and adjustment of the stand.
3. Logistics Tracking: We will closely monitor the logistics progress, ensuring you receive the product on time.

3. After-sales Service:

1. Product Warranty: We provide quality warranty service for all products, ensuring that any quality issues encountered during use are promptly resolved.
2. Technical Support: Our technical team is always available to provide technical support, solving any problems you may encounter during use.
3. Feedback: We highly value your feedback and welcome you to provide valuable suggestions at any time, helping us continuously improve our products and services. In summary, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive services, ensuring a pleasant experience when purchasing and using our mobile phone, laptop, and monitor stands. Our goal is to create a healthy and beautiful office environment for office workers, making your work more efficient and comfortable.







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